Types of Metal Cans for Packaging

Types of Metal Cans for Packaging

Canning products is among the current popular way of packaging items especially food. The kind of food being packaged determines the type of can to be used. Metal cans are categorized into three groups depending on their structure, materials used and the degree of internal pressure. Can manufacturers are guided by these qualities in their production line to process the tins using the can making machine. The structure can either be 3 piece cans or 2 piece cans. The common material includes aluminum and steel. The internal pressure can be in the form of vacuum cans or pressurized ones. The article will, however, focus on the 2 piece and 3 piece classification of metal cans.

2 Piece and 3 piece cans

The 2 piece cans comprise two components. The first includes the integration of the body with a bottom lid and the second is possession of a lid with an opening. The 3-pieces cans, on the other hand, consist of three components. The first is a bottom lid; second is a cylindrical body and the third is the top lid. These components are produced separately and then later attached using a technique referred to as double seaming. For the 3-piece cans, they are crafted from a rectangular metal sheet, rolled into a cylinder and then soldered or electric welded. The most common are the welded cans as they are cheap to manufacture.

Manufacturing of 3-piece cans

These are the common types of tin cans used in the market. Although some of the plate used for making 3-piece cans is first coated with tin then oven-dried, there are pure tin cans in the market. The plate is then cut into the desired sizes and shapes for further processing. It is then folded into a longitudinal cylindrical body while the bottom and the lid are also made. The tubular can without any content is referred to as a blank. When filled with the intended content, the cans are air-tight sealed through the crimping process. The can-sealing machine is used for this function. After sealing, the cans are sterilized or pressurized in an autoclave to induce non-perishability.

2-piece cans

The 2-piece metal cans consist of an integration of a bottom lid and top lid with the body with the aid of a can making machine. The processing of the can body is categorized into Draw and Redraw cans (DRD) and Draw, and Wall ironed cans (DWI). The 2-piece cans are usually hermetically sealed with a design to maintaining the freshness of the content packed inside. The food items packed in these cans retain their color, taste, and flavor. They can also be used for instant packaging of products that does not require thermal processing before consumption.

So if you are planning to buy a tin can making machine production line to produce your own tin cans, you need to understand the kind of cans that you need. Check whether the can maker machine is able to produce such can to avoid the expensive return process.

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